Friday, September 11, 2015

After The Episode | Springston Legacy | Part 66 — A Mother's Love.

This little brick house that sits one the edge of 
2534 Honey Cove Drove looks like any other typical family home.

Inside these walls so much pain, and hurt have taken place. 
Even though the residents still reside here.

The house never felt so alone.
With so many secrets to hide, and no place to go.

"The pain just haunts me. How could I of let myself go...How could I kill her and put everyone and everything I love in danger! I AM SO STUPID!"

Lavender in tears as realizes what she has to do - to keep her family safe.

Amelia - Per the advice from her father. Asks Jean Lavenders former acquaintance
to hide her and keep her safe while this investigation for Bella continues.

She offers him a lump sum of cash and he takes the offer.

Although Lavender doesn't know Jean, she's thankful..
Maybe  its only for the money...or maybe not

Having to go home and say goodbye to her sister, and nieces was hard.

But when she saw Zayne, she crumbled into pieces. 
They don't know why lavender is leaving, but if they did. 
They would know why she was in tears.

Zayne knew something was wrong, but if the Springstons learned one thing.
It's to NEVER ask questions.

Then there was Amelia, her mother. This was her baby.
Her first born daughter - whom since BIRTH she struggled to keep by her side
Even when social services  thought she wasn't equipped to be a mother..

IF it wasn't for Lavender. Amelia's life would of been shattered. 
Diego did many horrible things, but giving her these 3 beautiful children.

Was his biggest gift of all.

All alone, and with only Jeans address in hand.
Lavender makes the journey 1,000 miles to Oasis Springs..



  1. Omg jenn love this lp and this part! It was sooo sad though <3 i'd love to see Jean and Lavender fall in love, then Jean would want to protect her :D