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Jaelon Skylar Riverhawk, 16,  was born on an indian reservation. 
One brisk fall morning

He grew up in a close nit community and was the apple of his parent's eye.
Their little miracle boy they used to say.

Until one day they suddenly passed away without warning, 
He was only a baby at the time of their passing. 

His Uncle offered to take him under the watchful eye
of his grandfather. However, his Jae's Uncle was a terrible man
Whom never had any children of his own. 

His grandfather, was in no condition to raise Jae.
He had his hands full with his wolves
Omen, Apollo, and his aggressive growing cancer.

But none of that stopped his grandfather
from teaching his grandson the way of the land.

One winter, his grandfather couldn't fight anymore. 
He promised Jae he'd be watching over him still in the eyes of his beloved wolves
that as long as they were together. He'd remain safe!

Jae grew up alongside the pack, and as promised were his protectors. 
As his Uncle's torment began to worsen, the pack began defending little Jae
as if he was their own.  

At the age of 7 little Jae couldn't take it anymore.
He packed what little belongings he had and took his grandfather's wolves
and fled to the secluded Island on Brindton Bay. 

Along the way, Jae's Pack acquired new members of the family.
Nova and Apollo had Tank, while Omen ended up with a daughter named Mysty. 

Chronos was found on the beach, severely injured and thrown from his pack.

Then there Menace the raccoon. His name was earned by the fact he was a constant
nuisance to the clan. He wouldn't quit trailing and raiding Jae's Camps.

One day Jaelon had ENOUGH and took him in with hopes of being able to train him. 
As you'll be able to tell. It's NOT working.

Living life on his own with his wolves. Has made Jae quite the loner. 
He often reminisces about his tribe. More specifically this one girl he once knew,
named Lilly. He remembers the times they'd play house until the big willow tree
and joke about one day how'd they marry. 

He often wonders. Where she is, and if she thinks of him too.

Jae is tired of roaming the island. 
He wants to settle down and build a place of his own.

His wolf pack is growing tired and Apollo and Omen are getting old.
Will Jaelon reach his GOAL? Before its too late?

Winter is fast approaching  
and he isn't too sure the pack can survive another winter in the cold.


APOLLO | He is the oldest in the pack.
Apollo is independent and can be aggressive towards
anyone who isn't apart of the pack.

Father To Tank, Mate Of Nova.

Jaelon is the ONLY one besides 
his grandfather to be accepted by Apollo.

Apollo is the ALPHA.

OMEN | Omen, is also up there in the 
years. He too is apart of the Orginal
3 Wolves and father to Mysty

His HOWL can be heard for miles
he is the god of the night.

NOVA | Nova is the mother of the pack.
her job is to hunt and care for the pack.

Her loyalty is unmatched, apart of the 
orginal 3. She has watched Jaelon grow
from a baby to nearly an adult.

She is the mother to Tank and
Apollo's mate.

CHRONOS | He's a fierce wolf with a heart of gold
Chronos was forced out of his pack when 
he was only a pup and left for dead.

Due to his color, the pack didn't 
feel like he belonged.

Jaelon found Chronos washed ashore.
He took him in where the other wolves
cared for him and gave him a second chance.

TANK | Sweet Baby Tank.
He's the son of Nova and Apollo, his care-free derpy
persona is admirable. 

MYSTY | Ah, the brave one
Mysty isn't afraid. In fact one may say
she is fear herself. 

She's a leader, courageous
and would risk her life for the sake of her pack!

MENACE | This crazy Raccoon
cannot take a hint. Although super adorable
and sometimes helpful but mostly not.

He's apart of the Pack
 even if Jaelon wishes he was not.

Expected on 12/8/17 @1 pm pst!


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