Mika and Kyle SPLIT!!

Kyle Ray Burmen, Brother of Karlee Vector of Vector enterprises has just finalized his divorce with University sweet heart Mika Lee Burmen.

The two have been married for nearly 20 years and have a daughter together. Violet.
Once a happy family, now full of anger rage and deceit. HERE is the tea.


It's No secret the Burmen family has money. Karlee and Josh Vector are wealthy and their daughters. Fae and Karrera are rolling in it. Rumor has it however, THEY are going broke!

No longer receiving their trust fund money and the cash pool is drying up. 

Karlee gave Kyle a share of the Vector enterprise.


"Kyle would often 'go into work' to help with the sales department, often not coming home until the next morning. Claiming they needed him to fix some of the IT equipment. Elaborate stories and excuses for not coming home". Former Wife, Mika explains. "Our daughter was only a child then". 

"We used to be so happy. I'll never forget the day he proposed to me. Gosh it was so perfect. We used to be so perfect!!! Then that RUTHLESS B**** RUINED US, RUINED IT!"

"...THEN EVERYTHING when from bad to worse, when Kylie sold his share.. SO MUCH WORSE!!"

 Mika suspected Kyle was having an affair. Threatening him with Divorce, Kyle sold his share for pennies on the dollar to Josh Vectors sister, Priscella.

Once the divorce was finalized, the rumors came flying in. The rumor was Kyle had collaborated a plot with Priscella to sell the stock to her for dirt cheap so that SHE could sell it and make millions, thus Mika would of never seen a dime in the divorce settlement.

Such a shady thing to do, for a man who seemingly had it all.

"I never could of imagined he would of done that to me or our family, not ever! To have an affair is one thing, but to cheat his daughter and I BOTH out of what is rightfully ours is unfair."

This is Priscella Vector, Now working as a doctor in a local clinic. Is denying the affair. However she is now saying in her own words.

"Kyle and I have a 'mature' relationship, We are seeing each-other and were not romantically intimate while he was in a union with Mika Burmen. I HAVE class!"

Not willing to go into detail about  the plot to squeeze Mika out of the millions yearned from the sale of the Vector share, we suspect their relationship is a little MORE than mature - Judging by the rock on her finger!

Also, just going of of again. PURE Judgment and her unusual craving for pickles. We suspect she maybe hiding more than just millions!

With no proof of the embezzlement OR documentation that Kyle EVER had a share hold in the Vector Enterprise. Mika could not win her settlement.


Jenn HERE: Hey guys, so even though our Fae and Karrera have had a bunch of Drama in their lives it looks like MANY of the Burmans share the curse. My bet is Priscella is preggo. UH-OH. Well Fae, will find out soon enough (since she works with her)

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  1. Love this idea :D Your stories (and your reactions baha) have always been the best parts of your videos, and I'd love more of these little insights into what's going on behind the scenes. DRAMA! :D

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  3. Love this, well not that Kyle and Mika have split but the story aspect. I can not wait to see what happens next though ;)

  4. I love this idea so much and I can't wait to see what will happen

  5. Wow, i guess the Bachelors aren't the only ine with that crappy drama :P

    Poor Mika....

  6. Wow I would have never thought of kyle to be that greedy for money it looks like he didn't even think about his poor daughter violet what is she supposed to live off

  7. Hey Jenn! I LOVED this. You should definitely do more of these, it was so great, and I love how you put it all together like it was a REAL article. So much talent. I learned about the Burmen/Vector family through the Lux Life LP, but I want to know more about the back story of the family.. I would love it if you did a blog post on here and kind of went down their family tree with everyone's photos & names and a brief back story on each person..and explain how everyone is related. I never watched your Sims 3 LPs, so I would LOVE to know about all the family members that attend all of Karerra and Fae's parties and other events. I'm always so confused about who is who, and I'm so interested in knowing who everyone is and how they're all connected. ♥

  8. omfg this is the best! We want more! Maybe about the former Kora & Kaitlyn drama, or the Fae, Zayn & What's-Her-Name scandal?