Sunday, May 24, 2015

Behind the Scenes, Lookbooks + More!

Hey guys, Jenn here. Just about to get my but into gear and film! 
I really want to make more of a place to come and gather more info about your favorite sims. Develop their stories more, and tell the untold tails about the sims we don't hear from much.

So go ahead, bookmark this page. Because its going to be a must more lively place! 



Ever wanted to know which CC would look best with what? Maybe you just needed a little simsperation for a new look for your sim?!?! Welp I plan on doing some look book for my website.

Whats a look book... have you ever seen fashion blogs or pintrest? 
A photo of several fashion items that go together but for sims?



Yeah! That's what I thought would be fun to add to my website!!
 FUN and Helpful!!

Anyways, LOOK out for more content on this website, polls and so much more. I have plans to make my channel and sims have even MORE depth than they do! I am excited for sure! Hope you are tooo!

XOXO, Jenn

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