Monday, September 7, 2015

After The Episode: The Lux Life | Part 46 — Under The Twilight

The trip although only a day had knocked Fae out more than usual
Even though that was expected Fae thought maybe SHE WAS EXPECTING?

Oh no again!?

Exhusted as well, Hank knew tonight was the night he was going to show Fae -
the time of her life!  He quickly made some food and lit the fireplace in the dinning room.

Leaving a note on her bed when she woke up it read,
"Wear your most elegant gown and meet me in the Dinning Room,
for Dinner, with one Handsome Hank" 

He was such a dork, but she did as the note suggested.

All the lights were off and the Cabin floor boards creaked as she walked slowly towards her destination.

She finally saw the glimmer of light coming from the door way.
The smell of burning logs filled the upstairs of the home.

Standing there - Was Hank. 

Looking over to the table, she saw the meal  he prepared for her. 
What an incredible gesture, what an incredible man.

Sitting Down to eat - The two talked about their children and how much they missed them.
Fae trying to not act non appreciative, kept thinking of the sudden bouts of sickness she felt.

Nothing would ruin this trip more than the possibility of yet another baby!

The two layed down for a nap, as Hank needed to wait for Twilight.
He had it all planned out...The Proposal that is.

Waking up to an empty bed, Hank worried that Fae caught wind of his plans...

She quickly returned and revealed the news.

She was pregnant, and afraid Hank would bolt the first chance he got.
Surly 3 kids is a handful but 4? OR MORE? Impossible.

Hank caressed her delicate face and pushed back her golden locks.
Looking deeply in to her eyes and with a trembling tone he murmured.

"Nothing in the world could keep me away from you Fae, for you are my world"

and he swept her up in his arms he kissed her so passionately and for a moment Fae forgot what planet she was on. Was this heaven? 

"Now get ready"  Hank Ordered "You only have five minutes - we have someplace to be!"

"Fi- what? Where are we going Hank its LATE???" Exclaimed a severely confused Fae. 

"Oh? You thought the night  was over?" He laughed. "Hardly - Let's go!"

Arriving at The Falls in Granite Fall National Park.
The night was ravishing with life.

The sound of the frogs filled the air, and the moon beamed lighting the way.
Let's not forget how those stars shined so bright almost as if they were shining that night just for them.

Once arriving to the perfect location 
Hank fell carelessly with no hesitation on one knee. 

" I have waited a lifetime to find someone like you. From the moment we met and our eyes locked. I knew there was something so special about you and although the timing was wrong several times through out. When I realised it all happened for a reason, and that reason was for us to finally be together. I knew I couldn't wait or hesitate for a single moment longer.. You are my life and you are my one and only. I never want to live a single day with out you again, so with that. Fae Burmen, Will you mar-" 

"YES!" She screamed as she jumped into his arms..

She was beyond ecstatic. 

Once a swearing off any type of relationship Fae now found herself engaged again.
This time it felt RIGHT. Throwing away all her fears and subconsciously leaving them to rest at Granite Falls - She knew Hank and her were made to last!

Early that morning the two packed up and went home.
Hank captivated by his future wife love for his children - watched in amazement as he questioned what did he so right, to get be this lucky? 


  1. You are so good at story telling, I am so intrigued by ALL of your Sims 4 Lets Plays and stories. You should make a Sims 4 movie... lol. Love ya :)