Sunday, September 13, 2015

After The Episode | The Lux Life | Part 47 — Neighborhood Welcome Party?!

Fae's life has finally come together! She is living a fairy tale surrounded by bliss.

Today Hank Surprised her by buying the house of her dreams.
This home has been on Fae's want list for a while and to finally own it is a dream.

It's stunning!

Hank is such an involved father and she knows as they kids get older
he will be there to guild them each step of the way.

However, she can already see how hard its going to be.
Sophia, being the little diva she is. 

Is having a melt down about the newest addition to the house hold.

Upon arriving to their new home in Oasis springs, a flock of neighbors come and greet the new family.

How cool is that! 

Even Gilburto invites himself over insulting Fae in her own house.
Claiming she used him, which to be fair isn't too far from the truth.

Hank takes his son out to the lake behind their house, where they fish together. He feels so blessed to have a son to do these things with!!

While Hanks at work, Fae throws a house party and invites everyone over to see her new place.

and believe me when I say..Its quite the turn up!

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  1. So glad that Hank and Fae are together ^-^

    I was just wondering who is the creator of the house? ^^ It's gorgeous!!