Thursday, October 15, 2015

My Current Household Happenings.

So today, after about 1 month. I finally sat down and played my current household. 
So much happened I just HAVE to share.

I figured those who like a good story would enjoy. 


"When you love someone a little to late and there is nothing you can do to rewind time and change the opportunities missed. It, kills." 

After working all week Stella decided to invite her
neighbor Harvey Cooper out to a local bar.

He was a nice guy, Disney prince cute and charming.

When they arrived. She noticed Wyatt. 
Wyatt and Stella have been "friends with benefits"

For several years and only recently did Stella start feeling for Wyatt the same way her felt for her.

Except it was too late. 

Wyatt gave up and Married Melanie. 
This perfect little reporter who was NO good for him!

and they were BOTH at the same bar.

Stella took this opportunity to see if Wyatt cared anymore, like he protested that he didn't. 

It hurt Stella watching this Melanie chick flocking with the love of her life.
Laughing and dangling him right in front of her nose.

She KNEW how much Wyatt once loved Stella, 
and how Stella now loved him.

Like a child who took the last pink marker.

Melanie LOVED the fact she had the man
Stella desired AND his last name.

Stella "Flirted" With Harvey and could see Wyatt trying to hold back his anger.
Maybe seeing is believing and this was the perfect trigger to release some sort of reaction out of him.

Maybe Wyatt DID CARE?

The night was fun, but it wasn't the same as if it were with Wyatt.
It's weird how just by being with the one you truly care for the world opens up and its only then  you truly start to live.

Wyatt stopped Stella on her way out, grabbing her by the hand.

He whispered "Can I come over later?"
Knowing her plan worked she agree'd.

With Melanie in the background she couldn't hear the discussion, but she wasn't pleased Wyatt even looked twice.

It was then Stella knew, it was GAME ON!

Wyatt did come over that night and sparks flew.
It had been a year since Stella felt his skin. 365 DAYS since she felt the familiarity of his touch on her body.

His lips, were still just as soft as she remembered and the warmth of his person was driving her insane.

Even though the pair knew how wrong this was. At the very moment it felt so right.
Stella loved him and knew he loved her too regardless of how pretty Melanie's name looked on paper.

Stella should of been his bride. 

That night they took things to a level, that they couldn't take back...

..and just like that STELLA was pregnant with Wyatt's baby.

As she told him in the bathroom of her home. He freaked out.
Entrusted with his family''s fortune and name. He knew this would be all sorts of bad.

Melanie would take it all and Wyatt would be at ground Zero.

He told Stella he couldn't leave her, and that he'd be there for Stella...but only for their child and left.

Stell, was outraged! 

Stella hadn't heard from Wyatt in weeks, 
he ignored her calls and wouldn't visit.

He told Melanie about the Affair - but not the pregnancy.
Melanie forgave him but wanted Wyatt for forget Stella and the baby.

Finally after being ignored for far to long. Stella went to Wyatt's house demanding to speak with him. An outraged Melanie threw her wine on Stella and yelled at her to leave at once.

Hearing the commotion, Wyatt came outside. Upset that Stella came to his house. Upset at the scene she was causing and even more so that she was "Showing"

He asked if she told Melanie, and she replied "No, not yet. I am giving you the chance to do it first before I DO"

Wyatt Never did and told  Stella to leave or he'd call the police. 

Stella Left and a few days later she returned. 
Finding the spare key under the door mat, she barged into the house while Wyatt was at work.

Only to find a suprised Melanie working on her computer.

Stella let her have it!
She told her everything, every last detail. About the bar - the hot tub - every little word Wyatt said and most importantly. The baby. 

Melanie was furious. She told Stella she was no good, and no man would ever want a home wrecking slut like her. That Wyatt would NEVER see her or the baby again as long as she was there to stop it. 

Little did she know, Stella had put a hex on her.
Controlling Melanie was the last one up she had.

Eventually life went on. Karzon Darkbloom asked her out on a date.
There is another example of a man who did Stella wrong.

Married now, and with a child of his own. He was no better than the rest of them.
In fact, if it wasn't for him. Stella would of been with Wyatt.

Karzon's Idea of a date, was taking her to his friends house to watch football and Drink.
Obviously Stella couldn't Drink, but she met his friend.


Despite his bad boy appearance, Kayson was an amazing storyteller.
He lived in a small trailer with nothing to call his own.

The two talked until daylight falling asleep on the couch together.

The best thing about Karzon? He introduced Stella to the new man in her life. 

Wyatt got wind that  Stella was seeing someone else. 
Scared another man would raise his baby..

He went against Melanie's wishes and Visited Stella. 

There's Something so breath taking about seeing a woman, Carrying your child. 
The way her dress clung to her body, draping over her new found curves. It took Wyatt's breath away.

He suddenly started to feel guilt, for all the pain he caused.
Knowing he made a mistake but deciding to let her go all in the same moment. 

Stella had them lining up at her door,
Karzon, Harvey, Kayson and Wyatt would often visit.

Her door only opening for Kayson....

He was there for Stella all through her pregnancy.
He loved her unconditionally and anticipated the arrival of their child.

That's right. Kayson, considered that baby his now.

He didn't want to fall in love so easy, but Stella was such a magical woman.
Beautiful, Smart and caring. 

He knew he would never find another.

Even though their relationship ruined his friendship with Karzon.
He knew Kar had no intent on being serious with Stella anyway. 

Finally the day came where baby Kaedon was born.
Stella named her son partially after Kayson. 

It was love at first sight.

Kayson just stared at Stella and their son in amazement. 
He felt so incredibly blessed to have them in his life. 

He fell in love with her even harder that day, and finally felt excited about their future. 

Kayson went home that night and made Stella a beautiful sculpture. 
He was thoughtful like that - he felt like things that were made by hand were made with love.

Just like how Stella made her son. 

The couple would have a lot to face in the future, with Wyatt and Melanie but for now they are happily living together raising Kaedon.

Wyatt has seen Kaedon once since his birth, and wants to be apart of his life.
However Stella is currently trying to get him to give up his rights...

and  Wyatt refuses. 


  1. Wow that was beautiful Jenn!! 💙💙

  2. This is AMAZING!!! I love the stories you tell.

  3. This is AMAZING!!! I love the stories you tell.

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