Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Unofficial Base Sim Challenge Rules (I tried the base sim challenge....👨‍🦲💙)




As I previously mentioned in the video for the base sim challenge, I did not 
create the challenge itself. However, when searching for "rules" for this particular challenge, I was unable to find any. So FOR FUN, I decided to create some rules when making a base sim or when styling one. 

  1. First, open up create a sim, and whatever gender the game gives you that's what you will start with!
  2. Using a number generator (google's is perfect for this) use the values 1-10 to determine how many times you'll randomize your sim. 
  3. Now you have your base! Remove all clothing and hair minus eyebrows. 
  4. Here you will now choose your physical features for your sim but can not change their skin tone or eye color! 
  5. Now you will name your base sim and give them a number at the end of their last name if you'd like to make more.
  6. Select any traits or aspirations you'd like but this may be randomized by other players when styling! 
You can also upload your creation to the gallery for others to complete!
If you'd like to style your sim follow the existing base sim rules below.

  1. Either using your own base sim or choosing one from the caller you are going to use a number generator with the values 1-10 to determine the name of your sim. Whatever the number lands on is how many times you'll randomize their name
  2. You'll do the exact same thing for their traits as well. For aspiration, you can choose an aspiration that fits best based of the traits. 
  3. You CAN NOT change any of the physical features of your sim only hair (and color) as well as clothing! You can add CC and Skin details if you wish! 
and now you're done!

Hopefully, you enjoy these fun rules I added to the challenge for a little extra BOOST. Again I DO NOT CLAIM ownership over the base sim challenge. 

Huge shout out to Katplays, her video was the only one i really saw with any "rules" so i based this challenge off of some of the things she implemented in that video. 

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