Saturday, September 5, 2015

After The Episode: Get To Work | Part 53 - Jasper Moves Out.

 Christine finds out some news, she isn't really ready for.
Her relationship with Scott is stale and fearing the thought of being alone she gets herself in a situation. 

Which she now needs Jasper to move out.

Feeling confused, Jasper has no choice but to agree. 
Fine, let them live their HAPPY LITTLE LIVES.

I'll do just dandy on my own.

Thus, Meet Jaspers NEW BACHELOR PAD!!
Oh yeah babes, Parties OH MY!!!! 

It even has a pool.... 

"I Said...Bish Where?"

Regardless - Living on your own is expensive and its no secret JASPER needs help.

Your Challenge? Make Jasper a Male roomate.
Someone who will be okay with late night parties and having fun!!!

Use the #USJASPER on the gallery with the Title : Jasper's Roomate

You have about 4 days :)


  1. It would be really funny to see Jasper strugglin' with bills and shopping for food.
    "Welcome to the real world. It sucks. You gonna love it" -Friends

  2. So excited to make a room mate for him!
    Also, "I said.. Bish, where?" xD

  3. I'm so sad that I can't make a roommate for Jasper because I don't have TS4, but I really want Jasper & Alicia together c:

  4. i love Jaspers hair! Where did you get it?