Sunday, September 6, 2015

After The Episode: Springston Legacy | Part 65 — What Now?

Amelia often wonders why - why did she have to get the short end of so much. 

However, when her mind drifts off into that dark place in her mind. She in all actuality. 
She has so much!

Ever since Lavender was born, Amelia knew she was special. 
Not because she was her second chance at having a girl after she had lost Amethyst..
but because Lavender had the same heart as her mother...

When she loved she loved to deep - when she hated...she hated so hard, that NOTHING minus revenge could set the record straight and it was because of that vengeful heart of hers. 

They both where in this situation and it was Karma at work all over again, making our Amelia pay for all her wrong doings. 

As her mother peered into the empty room where THE BELLA GOTH has once resided for a short time, she looked into her mother's eyes and she pondered their next move..


Lavender felt this guilty feeling so deep in her gut she could explode. 
She couldn't see her family go through this, and how would they view her after learning she was a killer???

Now it's as if she is looking at the world in a third perspective already missing the things she will no longer be able to enjoy once she is gone....

But what needs to be done must be order to save face.


  1. Jenn I feel like it's time to Zayne's family move out... I mean there are lots of kids envolved in this family and Amelia doesen't want they to breake their little hearts . She can't stand seeing her family suffering with all that drama.

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